The 10th edition of the International Filmmaker Festival of New York has successfully come to an end

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By Tirana Times June 4, 2021 13:17

The 10th edition of the International Filmmaker Festival of New York has successfully come to an end

By E.B, New York

The International Filmmaker Festival of New York is one of the most popular New York film festivals that connects the American audience to the international cinema. On the occasion of its 10th anniversary, the festival marked another historic moment – 100 films in honor of the 10 years of the festival’s successful history. This year, the 10th edition of the IFFNY Festival was held on May 21 – May 24, 2021.

Out of 891 applications from around the world, 100 finalists were selected in the official list of the program for 2021. The films were representative of six categories, namely: feature film, short film, feature documentary, short documentary film, animated film, and music video. The finalists competed for the festival and the jury awards, which consisted of: Larry Moore, Victoria Yakubova Schneid, Robert Haufrecht, Asis Sethi, and Sabrina Moreno.

The IFFNY Film Festival annually screens film projects by renowned and young filmmakers. It was founded in 2021 and is led by the well-known director, producer and screenwriter Mrika Krasniqi, with Iber Deari as Festival Selector and Amina Zhaman, as Artistic Director.

“Through the IFFNY Festival, the work of many artists who have participated has been presented. This year due to the jubilee year we decided to accept more projects. There have been a variety of films from 43 countries around the world.

The International Film Festival in New York has been a very good meeting point especially for us artists coming from Albanian territories, to visit the US, as well as a very important place for art, New York, and to see people coming from all around the world. Out of all the different participating countries, we always meet new cultures and get introduced to new languages. This has been one of the best experiences, especially for me as a director, not only to watch movies, but to also appreciate them.” said in an interview for Klan Macedonia the outstanding director and selector of the IFFNY Film Festival, Iber Deari.

Among the Albanian artists officially accepted in the 10th edition of the IFFNY 2021 Film Festival were: Spartak Pecani with the film “Bolero in the Elder’s Villa” (Albania) in the Feature Film category, Arbër Krasniqi with “Back Home” (Kosovo), Ambra Cani with “Sonja” (Albania), andBesnik Prekazi with “Fair Play” in the Short Film category, Merita Çoçoli with the feature film “Nezo” (Northern Macedonia), and Kenan Gurgurovci with the short documentary film “The Shadow of the Rain” (Kosovo).

Spartak Pecani won the “Best Director” Award for the feature film “Borelo in the Elders Villa”, representing Albania. Arbër Krasniqi won the “Outstanding Achievement in Directing” Award for the film “Back Home” representing Kosovo.

“Congratulations to all the winners of the 10th edition of the IFFNY 2021 Festival. The New IFFNY this year had the motto ‘A Decade of Celebrating Cinema’. It has been an impressive and challenging journey, especially these last two years. But we were determined to continue our mission despite the pandemic and to promote the works of filmmakers from all over the world. The IFFNY Festival is growing every year and today it has become a global platform and a symbol of friendship and creativity,” said Mrika Krasniqi, founder and director of the IFFNY Festival in New York.

“I want to thank the founder of the festival Mrika Krasniqi who never stopped during these past 10 years. She is a very powerful woman, who motivates us a lot and has a done a lot of great work not only for world artists but also for Albanian artists to be here. Albanian artists have had the opportunity to present their works outside a small country such as ours, and to have a new space and new opportunities. I really appreciate this work and I consider it very important for every actor, director, scenographer, screenwriter, but also for those who cover the soundtrack. The festival offers a very good and easy opportunity to connect with films around the world.

I also thank Ermira Babamusta who has done a great job in promoting every artist, actor or filmmaker to show their work to the world. I thank Amina Zhaman too, who is a very special artist, who has not stopped all these months interviewing every artist in the filmmaking industry. A special thanks to the editor and designer of the festival, Fisnik Halili from Lumière Films, and all those who have helped the IFFNY festival this year,” added director Iber Deari.

On May 24th, 2021, the IFFNY Festival announced the jury and special festival prizes.

IFFNY Festival Jury Prize Winners:

Best Feature Film - “Mother of Apostles” by Zaza Buadze, Ukraine

Best Actor for Feature Film - Greg Ellwand for “Jasmine Road”, Canada

Best Actress for Feature Film - Natalia Polovinka, for “Mother of Apostles”, Ukraine

Best Cinematography - “In my Dream” by Murat Çeri, Turkey

Best Screenplay - “Mother of Apostles” by Ratha Makeenkova & Zaza Buadze, Ukraine

Best Feature Documentary - “On the Front Lnie” by Matteo Balsamo & Francesco Del Grosso, Italy

Best Short Film - “Stuff” by Malu Janssen, The Netherlands 

Best Actor for Short Film - Carl Malapa, for “Prague”, France

Best Actress for Short Film - Anna Casas, for “The woman of the house”, Spain

Best Music Video - “Big Yellow Taxi” by Matt Mahurin, Canada

Best Animation - “On/Off” by Nicolas P. Villarreal, Argentina

Best Short Documentary - “Beyond the City Skyline” by Tom Franz, USA

Best Production - “King of the Party” by Isaac Cherem, Cecilia Parodi & Salomon Askenazi, Mexico

IFFNY Festival Special Prize Winners:

Best Director - Spartak Peani for “Bolero in the Elders Villa”, Albania

Best Editing - “Without Skin” by Lars Bergbom & Christian Johansson, Sweden

Best Human Rights Award - “Corched Land” by Antonio Ferrer, Spain.

Creative Innovation in Documentary - Velibor Covic for “I was 10 years old”, Montenegro

Outstanding Achievement in Directing - Arber Krasniqi for “Back Home”, Kosovo

Creative Innovation in Animation - “Liliana” by Milanka Fabjancic, Slovenia

Honorable Mention - “One More Jump” by Emanuele Gerosa, Italy

Honorable Mention - “The Last Lightkeeper” by Niamh Hayes, Ireland

Tirana Times
By Tirana Times June 4, 2021 13:17