Ridvan Dibra publishes psychological book in France

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By Tirana Times October 26, 2018 10:46

Ridvan Dibra publishes psychological book in France

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  • Albanian writer Ridvan Dibra published the French translation of his 2012 ‘’Rexhai Surroi’’ award-winning book in Albania, ‘’The Legend of Solitude’’. The book, which is based in an old folk song, is nominated in France for the 2018 Le Grand Prix SGDL award for translation. Dibra is described as one of the five greatest living Albanian writers.

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TIRANA, Oct. 22- A psychological novel  by writer Ridvan Dibra titled ‘The Legend of Solitude’ has been recently translated in French and introduced in Paris at the ‘’Editions intervalles 2’’ library, on the event ‘’Albanian literature nights.’’ The novel scrutinizes the themes of an old Albanian folk song, which talks about solitude, exclusion, revenge, in a quite clear and oral style.

‘’Now Bala is sightless. But it’s ok: his friends accept him blind. And now he doesn’t feel as lonely as once.’’

It takes the story of young boy Bala, whose father died in a tragic, bizarre manner. He is separated from the rest of society, excluded, and lives in the forest nearby. There, he spends his time in revenge fantasies against the man Bala is convinced has killed his father. However, the more Bala separates from society and approaches the woods, he starts getting more attached to his soul and rediscovering a sense of life.

There is a lack of characters to Dibra’s books. The reason as he has said, is that he tries to focus in answering the questions that bug his head, and give solutions to his inner quarrels. In this book particularly that is noticed even more, and the writing style is quite vertical, going to the depths of being’s mysteries, trying to explore them.

‘’With a limpid and outright style he [Dibra] immerses the reader in young Bala’s tormenting thoughts and psychology, who, after the inexplicable and cruel death of his father, seems as he is completely isolated in a hostile environment,’’ writes the book’s publishing house in Paris ‘’Le Ver a Soie’’ in the foreword.

We are taken into a journey of life, its loss of meaning and rediscovery, through the eyes of the child. We can see the cruelty that people sometimes allow to emerge in themselves. We are reminded that fate is ours to make through the grief of Bala, and perhaps reconnect with the child within us.

‘’It is the writing of Ridvan Dibra, beautiful and interactive (challenging for the reader), that poetically marries these arguments: short chapters and simple phrases, the synchronized thoughts that come as songs choruses, the titles and chapter endings that summarize all what’s happening, like the old tales,’’ said French poet Radu Bata on his critical literary analysis on the French translation of the book. He appraised the translation as refined, depicting the naturalness of the occurances.

Ridvan Dibra was born in Shkodra in 1959, and has been described as one of the five greatest living Albanian writers. (The rest, Ismail Kadare, Fatos Kongoli, Rexhep Qosja, Bashkim Shehu). He studied for Albanian language and literature at the University of Shkodra, and worked as teacher of the field in Kukes from 1982-1987. He then worked as a journalist in the city of Shkodra from 1988-1994, and from 1994 onwards, he has been a professor at the University of Shkodra for Albanian literature.

Legend of Solitude is translated by Evelyne Noygues, a renowned translator of Albanian novels and works. She has finished her study in Albania in early ‘90s and decided to live and work here until 1994. Returning occasionally for associative, literary and artistic projects.

The book grabbed an interest from the event participants for its themes, content, writing style and translation. In Albania the novel was announced the best published book for 2012 in all Albanian regions and won ‘’Rexhai Surroi’’ award,a prestigious award given for the best novel and journalistic piece. For 2018 however, this book is nominated in France for Le Grand Prix SGDL award for translation.

Along with it was also introduced another book by Sebastien Colson titled Albania: Castle in Front of Oneself. The book wants to serve as a sort of guide to the French reader in understanding the contemporary Albania.


Tirana Times
By Tirana Times October 26, 2018 10:46