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Politics heat up as Basha's charges are brought to Supreme Court
TIRANA, Dec 8 – Prosecutor general Ina Rama’s office handed over the charges against Foreign Minister Lulzim Basha, charged with abuse of post from when he was serving as transport minister overseeing the contract to build a road segment on the Durres-Kukes-Morini highway.

Basha’s lawyer, Zef Nikaj, declined to sign the documents when he became aware of the charges, first sent to him by post.

Prosecutor Arben Kraja again sent an invitation to Basha to summon him, in an effort to complete the formal procedures.

Basha is being accused of 232 million Euros in damage he has cost the public budget when issuing the contract to the US-Turkish joint corporation, Bechtel-Enka, for the Rreshen-Kalimash road segment.

Basha’s case has since turned into a hot political subject in the country.
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Business and Economy
American Reserve Life Insurance buys Insig for €25 million
TIRANA, Dec 9 - American Reserve Life Insurance Company (ARL) has purchased 61 percent of Albania's state-owned insurance company Insig at a cost of 25 million Euros. The Dallas-based US company, winner in an international tender with nine other bidders, is in the final technical negotiations with Albanian authorities, according to a statement from the Finance Ministry on Tuesday.
Business and Economy
Energy crisis is cause of skepticism over Italian energy projects
TIRANA, Dec 8 – Following the recent ‘boom’ in investment prospects for Albania when Italian companies pledged to spend than 2.4 billion Euros on energy, cement and other infrastructure projects, there now appears to be increased skepticism from some experts and media columnists. During last week’s visit by Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi in Albania, an agreement was signed for building a
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By Albin Kurti How can you know what issues are the most important for Kosova? It is very easy. Read the newspapers and write down what they present as the most important topics. Then, watch the broadcast of the Assembly’s session when they announce the agenda. Cross out, from the most important headlines of the newspapers, the issues that were also included in the Assembly’s agenda for discussion. Whatever issues remain are the most important issues for Kosova.
Europe sets next polls as decisive to Albania
TIRANA, Dec 8 – The European Union has once again made it clear to Tirana, its political parties and the government that next year’s general elections are fundamental to the country’s continuing integration efforts. Integration minister Majlinda Bregu said that during her talks with EU officials last week in Brussels it was made known that elections were a main priority for the Albanian government in 2009. EU foreign ministers also repeated that following
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